Point Cloud Utils is an easy-to-use Python library for processing and manipulating 3D point clouds and meshes.


In spite of its name, Point Cloud Utils should really be thought of as a general purpose geometry library, used for more than operating on point clouds.


pip install point-cloud-utils

Source Code

Point Cloud Utils is open source under the MIT license. The source code is available on GitHub

A very simple example

Point Cloud Utils uses NumPy arrays as fundamental data structure, making it very easy to integrate with existing numerical code. For example, here's how to remove all points in a point cloud which are greater than some distance from a mesh.

import point_cloud_utils as pcu
# Load a mesh stored in my_mesh.ply:
#   v is a NumPy array of coordinates with shape (V, 3)
#   f is a NumPy array of face indices with shape (F, 3)
v, f = pcu.load_mesh_vf("my_mesh.ply")

# Load a point cloud stored in my_point_cloud.ply:
#   p is a NumPy array of point coordinates with shape (P, 3)
p = pcu.load_mesh_v("my_point_cloud.ply")

# Compute the shortest distance between each point in p and the mesh:
#   dists is a NumPy array of shape (P,) where dists[i] is the
#   shortest distnace between the point p[i, :] and the mesh (v, f)
dists, _, _ = pcu.closest_points_on_mesh(p, v, f)

# Delete all points which are farther than some distance away from the mesh
dist_thresh = 0.1
keep_points = p[dists < dist_thresh]

# Save the filtered point cloud to my_point_cloud_trimmed.ply
pcu.save_mesh_v("my_point_cloud_trimmed.ply", keep_points)


Point Cloud Utils includes utilities to perform the following tasks:

Recipes for Common Tasks

We include recipes for common geometry tasks that you should be able to copy paste into your existing codebase. These only depend on Point-Cloud-Utils, NumPy and the Python standard library making them very easy to integrate with your code.

API Reference

All available functions and classes are listed in the API reference


Author: Francis Williams.
Source Code: https://github.com/fwilliams/point-cloud-utils

If Point Cloud Utils contributes to an academic publication, cite it as:

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